What To Expect After Liposuction?


You’re a relatively healthy person and you don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions that might complicate your desire to have a flat tummy that you can run around with on the beach without feeling like everyone’s watching you jiggle your love handles and beer belly into contorted shapes. You also have good elastic skin, that’s what the plastic said anyways’ and you’ve gone through the pre-operation laboratory test and you’re all cleared. You’re scheduled on a Tuesday, and you’re now thinking about what to expect after liposuction.

You’d have to recover first of course, now the period of time it takes for a patient to recover from a liposuction procedure is dependent on the type or technique of liposuction performed. Conventional liposuction on the abdomen and thighs can set you back several days or even weeks and will take 3 to 6 months for a full recovery. As part of what to expect after liposuction, plastic surgeons counsel patients to start moving and walking as soon as permissible after the treatment. Walking, will minimize any occurrence of swelling and will avert blood clots from developing in the legs. Arduous activity should be steer cleared of for the first month after having the treatment as the body recovers. Any heavy lifting or strenuous activity may reopen incisions made during the surgery, which are susceptible to infection. If incisions are reopened then the healing process may be extended for several weeks.

Laser liposuction and Ultrasonic liposuction recovery times take less time because the technology used to emulsify the fat deposits greatly minimize the bruising and swelling often times associated with liposuction surgery, it also takes less time for the plastic surgeon to suck out and remove the emulsified fat from a patients body so less stress overall and less chances of bruising.

Liposuction using modern techniques, recuperation time is quite short and is excellent for people on the go and don’t want to be bed ridden for long. You’ll also be required to wear an elastic compression garment, this helps with the healing and to assist in forming the areas treated with liposuction into the desired shape. Your surgeon will prescribe antibiotics and pain management medication to you and you have to complete the full course of prescriptions, especially the antibiotics since this is to prevent infections from occurring. This is part of what to expect after liposuction.

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