What is the Cost of Liposuction

Liposuction can give various benefits to the patients like having a better contour, excess fats that may cause other illnesses are removed, adds to their confidence and many others. But people would always ask what is the cost of liposuction? There are several factors that affect the cost of liposuction. Before you will have a complete estimate of the cost of liposuction, you must know first which part of the body needs to be treated, the amount of fats to be removed, type/s of liposuction to be used and etc.

Surgeon who performs the procedure also has an effect on the cost of liposuction. Although there are also surgeons who offer cheaper liposuction procedure there is no safer than having an experienced surgeon which means a higher cost on professional fee. Facilities to be used during the procedure, garment worn after the procedure, and laboratory test because some surgeon prescribe other treatment after the procedure like ultrasound, massage, or Endermologie also affect the costs of liposuction.

Having a bulky storage of excess fats means a higher cost for liposuction because it will take the procedure longer and it will make liposuction not a quick procedure. Patients who are physically fit and not overweight enjoy a lower cost than those who are overweight and have a very large amount of fats.  Local anesthesia is being used before the liposuction procedure so this has also some effects on the cost of liposuction. Most types of liposuction can be performed on local anesthetic only and it is being required as part of the procedure to give the patients the comfort of having a not so painful procedure, thus this is to be included in the cost estimate of the liposuction procedure you are considering. Some surgeons also consider blood testing as part of their procedure so this is also included on the breakdown of expenses.

For women, the first area to be treated has an estimate of $2,000. For men the first area to be treated costs $3,000. For additional body area the cost is usually lower than the first area being treated because there is no need to pay for facilities fee and other laboratory examinations.

Before engaging in liposuction, you and your surgeon will have to talk first to be cleared with the procedure to be done, the amount of fats to be removed when to perform the procedure and of course the cost equipped with the procedure. So the first meeting with your surgeon will give you an idea how much cost you will incur in liposuction.

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