What is Post Liposuction Garments?

Among the surgical operation around the globe, liposuction is definitely in the top and always stays on top.  How many people have you encountered everyday suffering from deformities?  These people may have different problems that does not only concern physical appearance but affects their self-confidence and self-esteem.  Many are undergoing liposuction operation because they wanted to look better and change their lives.  Liposuction, nowadays is performed in small clinics and these patients no longer needed a hospital confinement, they usually walk-in in some clinics and go home after the procedure.  This is where the post liposuction garments are needed.

Post liposuction garments are worn to make sure that the tissues will remain tight after the operation.  The massive amount of fat removed from the body can cause sagging and lose skin.  The elasticity of the skin is dependent on the age of the patient as well as the exposure to radiation.  Elasticity of the skin is responsible for making the skin tight and the liposuction garment will help in holding the skin to make it tighter, however, the use of the post liposuction garment for a long period of time is definitely not a good idea.

Wearing the garment can help you recover faster but wearing it for longer than what the doctor prescribed can cause edema and inflammation.  Compressing the area affected by the procedure can help in flushing out fluids that makes the healing faster.  If you wear it for longer as expected and you underwent tumescent liposuction, your lymphatic capillaries have the tendency to weaken.

There are many liposuction techniques as well as methods of draining the body fluids.  Open drainage are the most common procedure because it the healing period is shorter that those who have closed drainage.  All liposuction techniques involves the flushing out of fats in the body, but before that, fats are dissolved and melted using different methods.  There is a laser assisted liposuction the uses laser beams to melt fats. Tumescent liposuction is among the most performed techniques where a solution is being injected to the affected area to melt fat.  Melted fat can be easier to flush out.

Liposuction operation, although it is a very popular procedure is not intended for everyone.  For you to be able to undergo the operation, you have to be in good health.  The procedure of removing fat is not only for those who are overweight but for everyone who wants to enhance the shape of their body.  Post liposuction garment helps to ensure that the skin will remain tight.

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