Wet liposuction

There are certain areas of the body where fat is simply stubborn and unresponsive, in spite of exercise and diets. Liposuction can be used to remove stubborn excess fat in small amount with the aim of sculpting body. Over the years advancements in medicine have made liposuction safer, less painful and more effective. There is one method has been developed is wet liposuction.

This procedure is conducted under general anesthesia. By this procedure the treatment site is injected with a saline solution which contains a mixture of ingredients including anesthesia and adrenaline. The solution helps to break down the fatty tissue. Adrenaline also aids in the reduction of bleeding and promotes faster recovery and healing times. It helps to constrict blood flow to the area to prevent blood lose.  Because the amount of blood flowing to the area is limited, there is less bruising. Swelling is also minimal. The injection is done regardless of the volume of total fat being extracted

When the saline solution has filled the treatment area a small incision is made. After that cannula is inserted and further break down the fatty tissue and suctions it out. In case of large treatment area there are more than one incision is made. When the fat has been suctioned out, the cannula is removed and the incision is stitched up

The recovery time of the wet liposuction varies depend on the size of area being treated. In most cases patients recover quickly. A compression garments have to wear around the surgical area suggested by the doctor. After recovery wet liposuction patients notice more defined contours and a more sculpted appearance in the area that has been treated. Post operative swelling may obscure in the result of the surgery for sometime until recovery is complete. Scaring from wet liposuction is minimal and difficult to detect once healing is complete.

Comparing to the any conventional liposuction, wet liposuction is easier on the body. Injection of the fluid diminishes bruising, swelling and bleeding both in the operating room and during recovery. The added fluid helps to dilute fat that easily break up and suctioned from the body. The procedure is safe, precise and capable of producing amazing result. Serious complication like excess bleeding, infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia, blood clots and nerve and organ damage are rare. Because wet liposuction procedure ensures that each patient is treated in the utmost safety, comfort and convenience.

Like any other liposuction technique, wet liposuction is not a weigh loss procedure. By this technique, only small amount of fat has to be removed at a time. If too much fat is removed at once the patient could experience loose skin or surface irregularities as a result.

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