Water liposuction

Water liposuction is a water based liposuction technique, a non-invasive type of contouring the body. It is safer, better and more comfortable procedure that gets the patients recover faster than other techniques in liposuction because of the use of water which causes less tissue trauma to the body. Water liposuction is also known as body jet liposuction and water assisted liposuction. It was developed and first introduced in Germany on 2006. The anaesthesia is injected first before injecting the water solution. But then it may not also require the use of general anaesthetic which reduces risk equated with liposuction procedures. The water is highly pressurized to loosen up fats for easier suctioning. Because fats are given chance to loosen up meaning not to destroy the fats , sucking it out of the body becomes more gentle resulting to more effective result lesser bruise and swelling.

Because of the fluid this technique uses the surgeon can do a more detailed assessment in conducting the procedure. The surgeon can see the result even the procedure is currently on progress because the body doesn’t swell up.

Water liposuction costs are around $5,000. Of course want a cheaper liposuction and in looking for a cheaper water liposuction cost, you have to consider the area where the surgery is conducted. Surely if you are in a bigger city the cost is also higher. Especially when the place you are in to has few water liposuction centres then you expect for a higher cost than other types of liposuction.

Water liposuction is available in some states in America like Utah, Seattle, Tampa, Colorado and etc. It is now available also in Toronto Canada. But the easier way of finding a water liposuction centre is to find it online.

Of course just like other liposuction technique, the safety of water liposuction is from various factors such as the surgeon performing the surgery. If the surgeon is a certified and he knows how to use water liposuction then you are assured of your safety. It may also depend on the machine and process that he uses to perform the surgery because water liposuction offers various processes. The effectiveness of the procedure has already been proven. But then be careful also in choosing your surgeon because there are surgeons round the world who claim they are expert in this procedure when in fact they only want to earn more. Remember that your safety is your responsibility so do not only consider the cheapest surgery but also the procedure, the machine and the surgeon who are the three main characters in contouring your body.

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