Vaser liposuction

Vaser liposuction is a special and non-invasive liposuction procedure that has very newly arrived too effectively and safely removed unwanted body fat which is fully accredited by FDA in 2002.It is a variation of ultrasonic, non-surgical, and non invasive liposuction where patient can fully awaken and be conscious through the entire process.

In the vaser liposuction system, a special liquid is injected into the problematic area to make it numb. Then the fat of that area is liquidities with the help of ultrasonic sound waves so that it can be easily suctioned out. The surrounding tissues, blood vessels, nerves remain intact. In vaser liposuction process there is comparatively with other traditional liposuction procedure, less pain, temporary bruising less damage and short recovery time. The down time may be in between 2 to 6 days. The most advantages of this method are there is no need to hospitalization.

In vaser liposuction procedure patients become fully in conscious and there is no pain during the time of surgery. This is one of the most important reason to make vaser liposuction most popular in cosmetic surgery procedure. Post surgery also patient not suffering any pain. Only a little dose of painkiller should be given by doctor. Cause of the special techniques that is used in vaser liposuction procedure, there is pain, and any kind of discomfort is always at a minimum level.

There is some minimum bruising and swelling can found after surgery which can be disappear within 2-6 days. The down time normally depended on how much fat have to suction out. Qualified and expert surgeon is very much essential in vaser liposuction procedure because only the expert surgeon can find out the pocket of fat area of the body which makes the surgery easier.

Vaser liposuction is most appropriate for spot treatment of the area or for pocket fat of the body. Because of genetic reason some people easily get fat in areas like chin, chest etc which is even found in healthy hard working people. People can’t control where fat tends to be stored .When there is a situation like that where it’s just a few pounds of fat in an area that just won’t sculpt into shape, then vaser liposuction could be a good option.

Cost of vaser liposuction depends on the part of the body, the doctors, the area where the surgery have done, and how much fat have to be suctioned etc. The national average cost is around $3000.

To get excellent outcome from vaser liposuction patient should consider all these things and for small part of the body this process is more acceptable.

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