Tummy Tuck Healing


Not all surgical operation turns out successful. There are operations that needs to be repeated while some is considered done. In the case of removing fats, healing should be prepared for your post-surgical tummy tuck recovery since it is considered to be a major surgical.


Most major surgeries may take several weeks prior to tummy tuck healing. Some may feel discouraged upon seeing the swelling of wound in the mirror and thus may feel weakness during the recovery period.   Usually swelling heals after several weeks and that is the time you will see the difference.


With regard to post tummy tuck preparation, it should not only be physical. Mental preparation is also very crucial since your movies will be limited after the surgery. Some doctors may not allow their patients to lie down rip without your. Pain will be felt due to the limited effect of pain relievers.


Due to the patients limited movements a lot of patients suffers lower back problems since they stay for day in bended positions. This is considered ordinary because an effort to extend your back will absolutely cause problems with your operation.  There is nothing you can do correct your posture.


It is recommended to consult your surgeon after 6 weeks as to when can you perform light exercises and what type of exercise can you do.  For others patients, tightening of skin may not be possible after about a month. Well, do not fret; patient skins react differently from operations therefore results may not be comparable to some patients. Normal as it is, it may soon fade away.  Skin development will soon be noticeable as the tummy tuck healing advances.


Scars of tummy tuck usually vanish until it reaches about 6 to 12 months.  However, there is another procedure to get rid of the scars if in case the scar did not fade.


All of us cannot deny that the main reasons people submit themselves to tummy tuck is to look fit. There are certain diets for patients who are trying to recover form tummy tuck. Do not engage in preparing your own food. Always ask your doctor for right food for you. Avoid extreme diet after the tummy tuck operations. Balanced diet should be followed for patient’s proper nutrition.  Do not ever think that you can go back to office as soon as possible. Always stay on the safe side by to limit your body movements after the surgical procedure to ascertain that your stitches will not rip.


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