Tumescent Liposuction Results

Many people who are physically fit and healthy, still have some areas in the body where there is extra fat and is making them feel less attractive or less confident. No matter how great their bodies are, there’s still that unwanted lump on the waist, tummy, hips or even the thighs.  There are a lot of cosmetic surgeries these days like liposuction; and while some people are already open to this kind of procedure, there are still many who are scared of it because the procedure is just too painful, expensive, and risky and have side effects that may make the areas in the body even worse.

Tumescent liposuction is one of the several methods for liposuction.  It was developed in 1980s and has continued to be of use by the plastic surgeons ever since.  This is a surgical procedure wherein a chemical solution containing a local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor are going to be injected into the fat and will create a space between the muscle and fatty tissue.  A thin metal tube called cannula is then inserted and vacuum sucks the excess fat from the body.

There are a lot of times where in large doses of local anesthetic is needed to be injected on the areas that you want focus on, however this could be harmful for the body.  To fix this, the body absorbs this and will be spread in about 12-36 hours giving the effect for system toxicity a very slim chance.  The tumescent liposuction results are quite impressive because it satisfies the patients who undergo this treatment.

The length of tumescent liposuction surgery varies depending on how large or small the area is.  There are patients who only ask for small areas to be treated while there are several who want many regions sculpted.  This procedure could actually go for as fast as 45 minutes or longer like 4 hours for more extensive surgery.

Tumescent liposuction results’ are more or less permanent.  Since the body has a new contoured shape now, should the patient gain weight, it would just be a larger version of the new body shape.  The fat deposits that are eliminated during the surgery will not be able to grow back.  However, self discipline in eating habits, exercise and proper maintenance are still recommended to ensure the permanent results.

To know more about this procedure and the tumescent liposuction results, you may want to pay your doctor a visit and ask about this as a viable option for you.  Your surgeon can then offer you some tips and suggestions and at the same time, make you more informed about your other choices.

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