Tumescent Liposuction Recovery

Super wet or tumescent liposuction recovery is varied from people to people who have chosen to undergo tumescent liposuction. If the tumescent liposuction was carried out on a small area of the body the patient would most probably just walk out of the clinic or hospital and straight home continuing with their lives without much complication or worry. This is of course not always the case with more complex or larger surgical procedures performed using tumescent liposuction. Tumescent liposuction recovery times is very varied depending on the age, physical conditioning and mental resolve of the patient trying to recover from the surgical procedure.

The patient will of course have to bear with the effects of the tumescent liquid and the anesthetic that goes with it. The cosmetic surgeon would have probably applied an open drainage technique to hasten the evacuation of tumescent fluids from the liposuction treated areas, this means that the small incisions made on your body to allow the cannulas or micro cannulas to enter your body and suction out the emulsified fat will not be sutured up and will be left open to provide for an exit point for the tumescent liquid to drain from. This can be quite messy at times so it would be prudent to have plenty of clean, sanitized towels on hand and to cover your bed and or chair with something to protect from the staining.

In most cases of multiple or simultaneous liposuction operations being performed on one patient within a 24 hour period using the tumescent technique, tumescent liposuction recovery can take 6 weeks or more. This does not include the healing period for the incisions themselves since they could take up to an entire year to heal completely. During this 6 week period, swelling and bruising which have already been minimize significantly by the use of tumescent fluid assistance, would have completely dissipated, but there can still be numbness experienced in the affected areas, this is due to the anesthetic element of the tumescent liquid that is still affecting the muscles and tissues it came to contact with.

To speed up tumescent liposuction recovery, a post-operation patient must attempt to move and do light exercises, though any exercise is prohibited in the first few days, light walking and movement of the limbs is suggested to improve circulation of the blood, also, proper wearing of the compression garments will be a big factor in hurrying up the evacuation of excess tumescent fluids from your body. Consult with you cosmetic surgeon and discuss in detail your medical history and lifestyle if tumescent liposuction is the most efficient and of course safest liposuction technique for you.

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