Top 10 Cons of Liposcution

A cosmetic surgery that is done to eliminate the excess fats that is stored in the body is called Liposuction. It is a surgery under the body contouring label. It is a trend nowadays because the benefits that liposuction brings too many. Depsite it’s many benefits, there are also many cons of liposuction that you must consider before undergoing the cosmetic procedure.

Liposuction becomes a trend in year 1980, although the surgery was first performed in the 70s. In that year, the traditional way of liposuction is only used. A steel tube or cannula is inserted in a incision made by the surgeon to suction out all the fats in a specific area of the body. As the time passed newer technologies are developed to sustain the desire of the clients.

There is a technique called the smart lipo, where laser is used to dissolve the fats. Ultrasonic Associated Lipo, where an ultrasound technology is used and a VASER lipo which is the latest in the liposuction technology.

Many believe that liposuction is the best solution to get rid all the excess fats that are still stored in the same area of the body like the thighs and abdomen. It is the best way to help one individual to gain more confidence after the surgery, because a newer look is made. Satisfaction to yourself can also be seen.

Even though many are being attracted to try a liposuction surgery it can’t be denied that there are still risks in undergoing in a liposuction surgery.  There some cases that the client didn’t get the desire look they want, they even look worst after the surgery.

Here are some cons of liposuction

  1. The liposuction procedure can leave a scar that you may carry forever. Isn’t annoying to know that you have a scar in your body, just because of your willingness to try a liposuction surgey.\
  2. It can cause some infections. Infections if not prevented earlier can put your life to danger.
  3. Swelling and bruising can be observed.
  4. Some side effect can also be experienced. Vomiting is an example.
  5. A blood clot may occur.
  6. The excessive fat removal will make your skin saggy.
  7. Organ damage from the surgical procedure can happen.
  8. The healing process is quite long. It can cause discomfort.
  9. More satisfaction can be felt when you can do the fat removal thru a natural way.
  10. And some cases can lead you to death. 3 out of 100,000 patients that undergo a liposuction procedure died.

Now you know the negative effect of undergoing to a liposuction procedure. It can put your life at risk. So think twice and wise, then decide, whether you’ll try it or not.

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