Sonic Liposuction

Sonic liposuction or Ultrasonic liposuction or Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction is one technique in liposuction that uses sound waves in removing the excess fats out of the body. These sound waves are the one who do the work, the surgeon is able to guide the cannula for more precise result and it increases level of safety. The fat cells are being targeted by the ultrasonic energy which creates lesser damage to other body tissue such as nerves, blood vessels and muscles.

Sonic liposuction has originated in Europe in the early 90s but then it was rejected by the European liposuction surgeons because of unacceptable incidence of complications, but in 1997 the United States adopted this procedure. Sonic liposuction is considered as one of the best procedure because it facilitates a complete removal of fats even in fibrous areas of the body like the back, male chest, hips and abdomen. It also facilitates lesser blood loss and lesser damage to the surrounding tissues. Compared to other techniques, sonic liposuction increases skin shrinkage particularly on the abdominal part of the body which is prone to stretch marks due to weight gain or pregnancy. It also results to lesser bruising and swelling. Other areas of the body that has already been treated with liposuction can be treated with sonic liposuction. This technique is most advised by surgeons because of smoother contour as compared to other techniques.

The cost of sonic liposuction is higher than the traditional techniques because of the tools and equipment used. Most of its tools are disposable which some doctors charge higher fees. Sonic liposuction can be combined with traditional techniques to obtain a maximum benefits at a very minimal additional cost. The anesthesia used in this technique is the same as the anesthesia used in other traditional techniques.  There are two types of sonic liposuction: (1) Internal UAL which delivers ultrasonic energy directly to the fats using the cannula being inserted through incisions. (2) External UAL which delivers ultrasonic energy to the fat tissue through applying a paddle-shaped instrument directly to the overlying skin.

One of the complications if sonic liposuction is that it causes blood clots in the small blood vessels because of the heat it produces; it elevates the temperature of targeted fat tissue. This may cause for the skin to die because of the blocking of the area of the skin that supplies oxygen. This technique also causes seroma which is a fluid-filled cavity beneath the skin that contains serum that will last for months.

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