Smart liposuction

Smart liposuction is the beginner’s form of laser liposuction. Because of the most advanced technique available in smart lipo, it is the best choice of all possible liposuction procedure. Smart liposuction offers all the benefits of a high quality laser lipolysis system and after successfully tested and proven it established with an offer all the benefits of a high quality laser lipolysis system excellent reputation.

Liposuction is only for reshape or recountour of the body by suction out excess fat of different area of the body. It doesn’t make the body perfectly fit. Smart liposuction is for those areas which should not responded with diet and exercise like abdomen, thigh, and buttock etc. People who are physically fit, age must be at least 18 and overall healthy are the right candidate for smart liposuction. Experienced surgeon can take decision after examine the patient that he or she would be able to get the surgery or not.

In the smart liposuction procedure, surgeon use a small cannula and powerful laser that targeting the smallest fat cells of the beneath of the skin, which is very uncommon in the traditional method. The laser helps to melt the fat cells and facilitates its removal. It also help to reduce the bruising and swelling by coagulate the blood cells immediately. As a result chance of blood loss becomes low. In smart liposuction procedure, laser stimulates collagen very soon which helps to make the skin more tightened and toned. The surgery has done under local anesthesia so it reduces the others complication related with procedure.

During the recovery process, first 24 hours may be have some minor problem like swelling and bruising, it will be recover typically 2-3 days. Need to use the compression garments suggested by the surgeon to aid in healing and minimal swelling. The fully results will shown within 6-8 weeks depending on the area.

Smart liposuction is one step further improve process along with the many liposuction surgery which makes tightened skin, toned and less damage of the surrounding tissues and less downtime post procedure. Cost of smart liposuction is a little bit higher but it may reasonable compared with the benefits. Cost for smart lipo very depending on the size of the area to be treated and also depending on surgeon or clinic where to perform the surgery. Patient can usually expected to pay $1700-$4500 for per area treated. Hip and inner outer thigh usually cost around $7000 for smart lipo. Chin area might be expected to pay around $2000 as the smaller area should be paid lower cost.

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