Smart Lipo Laser Liposuction

One of the newest innovations in liposuction surgery is in the use of laser technology, the utilization of controlled light energy to disrupt and gradually melt away fat is a more efficient, effective and safer way of removing fat from identified problem areas that can’t be addressed by traditional dieting and even regular exercise. One of these laser liposuction procedures is the SmartLipoTM laser liposuction treatment. The use of laser liposuction can significantly change the manner a person looks; this is a venerable fountain of youth that holds back the sad effects of aging through the effective and more efficient way of removing stubborn fatty deposits.

SmartLipotm laser liposuction makes use of a single laser beam that is emitted out of the end of a micro cannula. The laser beam disrupts the cell walls of the fat cells and by using low intensity heat the fat cells burst and is in the process liquefied which are then vacuumed out. The laser beam while being able to literally melt the fat from your body as little effect on the surrounding tissues. The whole process of the laser liposuction typically takes just an hour or so to complete and is carried out under local anesthesia. Choosing SmartLipotm laser liposuction treatment is one of the safer techniques now available to the public; laser liposuction translates to a virtually painless operation with very minimal scarring and swelling due to the use of laser energy and micro cannulas.

The suggested maximum safe amount of fat deposits that can be removed from a single patient in a single treatment is 4 pounds, the utilization of the SmartLipotm laser liposuction it is possible to remove up to 8 pounds of unwanted fat. Fat cells removed via liposuction is permanently removed, adult fat cells cannot be replaced, fat deposits are made through the expansion of existing fat cells, removing these fat cells means the newly contoured area will stay that way for a lengthy period of time.

Laser liposuction can also be used in combination with conventional liposuction. As always like with other surgical procedures performed anywhere in the world, there are intrinsic risks with laser liposuction, the use of lasers is a pretty complicated thing to do and very precise computations are made to control the intensity of the laser relative to the heat it produces to enable it to melt fat. SmartLipotm laser liposuction is also with risks but these risks are minimized, burns and blistering may result but this may be attributed to the inexperience of the cosmetic surgeon in question. Swelling and bruising is significantly reduced but being able to choose a competent and experienced cosmetic surgeon with laser liposuction will go a long way in maximizing the benefits of SmartLipotm for your liposuction needs.

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