Simple Liposuction

In the field of medicine, specifically cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgeons have been utilizing a tried and proven technique called liposuction, this technique is usually recommended to individuals who have excess fat deposits in specific areas of their bodies. These areas, like the chin, neck; upper arms, calves, abdomen, flanks, knees and buttocks cannot be sculpted or even thinned down by dieting and exercise. Cosmetic surgeons often if not always suggest a medical technique to effectively and efficiently sculpt these problem areas and this is by simple liposuction.

An individual who is in good physical condition can undergo simple liposuction, full consultation with a licensed cosmetic surgeon must be made and realistic expectations must be cleared out by the doctor to the prospective client. The procedure can be performed on different parts of the body and simultaneous treatments of several parts can be executed, though excessive liposuction procedures carried out in just one day is very risky. The procedure also known as Lipoplasty is quite straightforward.  The use of hollow stainless tubes called cannulas that are inserted into incisions, are attached to tubes that are in turn attached to a machine that suction out the fat deposits. Simple liposuction is normally carried out with the use of anesthetics prescribed by the doctor.


Liposuction procedures last from 2 to 3 hours per treatment. After the operation swelling and some pain is to be expected and these will dissipate in about two to three weeks time, no strenuous physical exercises can be done in the first 4 weeks after the treatment, only light exercises can be carried out, like walking, this also helps to lessen swelling in the affected areas because light exercise helps in fluid circulation. Like all simple liposuction procedures, a compression bandage or liposuction bandage is to worn to speed up the healing process this also helps to shape the treated area to the expected form.

In choosing a cosmetic surgeon to perform liposuction or lipoplasty, your surgeon must disclose and abide by the generally known fact that the maximum volume of fat (with liquids) that can be safely suctioned from the body is 4 liters only per operation. He or she, must know the maximum safe number of body parts that can be treated on a single treatment, the surgeon must know to schedule the surgical days at least a month apart if more than a full day of liposuction is to be carried out and most importantly, avoids doing any other unrelated surgical procedures on the same day as your liposuction operation.

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