Self liposuction

Self liposuction may be defined by performing liposuction by own self without concerning any surgeon or hospitals. Liposuction is very dangerous procedure, when performed by self liposuction; so much risk is involved with it.The person who wants to remove their body fat and recontour of body but cannot afford the expense with surgery and hospitals, self liposuction is the best option or good choice for them.

Liposuction itself has very serious complication and risky procedure even for a qualified doctor. Some results shown that even patient has died while surgery. Although self liposuction is less expensive but risk is very high in performing such thing. Some of the problems that could crop up with self-liposuction .When you want to cutting skin you can barely see where cutting from the point of view. It is impossible to cutting down properly at the fixed point without help of others. Incision can be big enough to perform this surgery for the same reason. As a result excessive bleeding may occur. Immense pain may happen for inaccurate anesthesia. Stitches cannot do properly so that scares leave permanently. In future skin will be damaged very soon.

Side effect is very common thing in every surgical procedure. When anybody thinks to go with self liposuction, he/she must be considering about side effect of the operation because self liposuction has more side and adverse effects.

As self liposuction performed in home basis with home liposuction kit, people should be more awareness about the tools that is used in procedure. It should be properly washed and sterilized before using otherwise infection may happen. Side effect is most common and very dangerous thing in liposuction. For this reason, you may experience an allergic reaction.

The incision which is made for inserting the cannula that can help to suction out fat, may be big in size by self liposuction process. Patients are unable to examine it carefully. Any time this incision may open and bacteria inter into the wound and cause infection which is very serious problem and take time to cure.

Self liposuction causes the irregular shape of treated parts of the body. Patient sometimes could not get idea himself whether the same amount of fat remove from both sides such as leg, thigh, chin etc. It can also create the higher risk of aforementioned side effects.

Self liposuction has become the solution for some people whom are dissatisfied with their own body and look.  People have died having it done. So doing liposuction surgery by own self should be dangerous.

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