Results of Liposuction

When a patient undergoes liposuction, the first thing that comes to mind is that when will he or she see the results of liposuction. Well, if you have consulted your surgeon first before you undergo the operation, then you probably would expect the results of liposuction will take time. Here are some things a liposuction patient should need to know.

First things first, results of liposuction takes time to take effect. The most evident results of liposuction will probably appear in a couple of weeks to a month. It is not true that the results will be seen right after the operation. Of course, there will still be wounds, and redness, and swelling that you can hardly notice changes. For the first two weeks, the patient will go through healing stages. Recovery takes a lot of time. Patients have to take medications and other pain relievers, as prescribed by their doctors. But one thing you can be sure of, fats are out of your body. That is the best result of liposuction right after the operation. It also depends on the techniques used by your surgeon. For example, the results of liposuction using Wet Lipo takes longer than SmartLipo. It is because Wet Lipo uses liquids that are injected in a patient’s body and those liquid substances are still in the body during the first few days of the operation. Give it some time to be completely out of your system.

On the other hand, if a patient undergoes SmartLipo, which is a liposuction technique that uses a laser to get rid of fatty deposits, the results of liposuction can be noticeable in the quickest possible time because that is the advantage of this kind of method. Another factor also is the amount of fats that will be removed. The more the fats to be removed, the longer the recovery time, thus the longer the time before the results of liposuction takes effect.

After a couple of weeks, the first change a patient will notice is loose clothes. Old clothes will not seem to fit anymore. You should be happy that results of liposuction are starting to take place. Then you can say that the results of liposuction are great. You can see your skin growing firm, and contours taking shapes. If changes are minimal after a month or two, perhaps a second operation could do you good. Always remember that liposuction cannot stop the changes brought about by ageing. But the results of liposuction are nevertheless evident even when a patient gains weight.

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