Results after liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that eliminates localized fat deposits from the body.  It is mostly done under local anesthesia and requires a reasonable short time of recovery period.  However, since it is still a surgery, it needs to be done in an operating room to achieve best results.  It is popularly known to be effective and a lot of people who usually go through this procedure are quite happy with the results. However, like in any other surgery, there are some side effects that go along with it.  What are the results after liposuction?

Since this procedure can be done alone or could be done with other procedures, once the surgery is done, it is normal for to feel sore and you’d start to swell and get bruises right away.  A compression garment is then placed as soon as the surgery is done.  Make sure that you have that in place to prevent excessive swelling.  This is also very helpful in tightening your skin and combining it to your underlying soft tissue.  It is essential to put this as soon as the surgery is over because it might be more painful to wear it later because you’d be swelling too much.

Another result of liposuction is that the chemicals like the tumescent fluid is more likely to leak out into those small holes created during surgery.  This is normal and is anticipated to happen.  No need to worry though since it’s not blood, it won’t typically clot.  Again, the compressor garment is vital since it could aid in the fast drainage of the fluid.  It also helps in contouring the shape of the body.

Since you’re all sore and swelled up after the surgery, there might seem to be no changes on how you look like or you might think it’s worse than before. Don’t worry, this will all subside in a couple of days and you’d start to see the results in about 2 weeks after surgery.

Having this kind of cosmetic surgery may be considered worth it to most people because of the positive and obvious changes in their looks. They start to gain back their self esteem because they also feel great about their outer appearance.  The results of liposuction could be tremendously affected by a person’s lifestyle.  Overeating, drinking, smoking and everything unhealthy could bring the old you back or even worse.  Regular exercise and proper maintenance is advised

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