Reduce Swelling after Liposuction

There are many new and exciting ways to undergo liposuction. There are so called non-invasive techniques, and there are the more traditional methods utilizing different aids whether chemical or mechanical in nature that make liposuction surgery more pleasant and less uncomfortable for the patient. Admittedly, in almost all medical procedures involving surgery there is a resultant swelling that occurs after the operation, in most cases swelling of the treated area brings much of the discomfort experienced by liposuction patients’ after surgery, so how do we reduce swelling after liposuction?

To reduce swelling after liposuction, one must fully disclose your medical history to your cosmetic surgeon; a prospective liposuction patient must also fully disclose his or her lifestyle, including smoking and drinking habits and maybe even usage of regulated or prohibited drugs. All of these may react to whatever kind of procedure a cosmetic surgeon may use to perform liposuction on your body, anesthesia whether applied locally or in general may also react to anything that you may have used in the past prior to your liposuction surgery, all these factors may contribute to more swelling post operation or create much more serious complications during the surgery itself or after the operation and during recuperation.

The techniques used by the cosmetic liposuction surgeon can also be a significant factor in reduce swelling after liposuction. The use of laser-assisted liposuction or LAL, tumescent or super-wet liposuction, and the use of micro-cannulas rather than traditional, bigger cannulas during the performance of liposuction surgery can greatly reduce swelling after liposuction, since these techniques avoid rupturing too many blood vessels and reduce overall contact of the cannulas with the tissue and skin to remove the fat deposits since these have already been separated by the tumescent fluid or melted down by the heat from the laser.

The use of compression garments or otherwise known as elastic garments for a good number of days or as your cosmetic surgeon advised is a significant factor in reduce swelling after liposuction, the compression the garment creates lessens fluid buildup in the cavities created by the surgery and thus lessens internal irritation of the tissue and inner lining of the skin that causes it to swell up, this also reduces bruising to a greater extent. Elevation of the body parts affected by the treatment also reduces swelling after liposuction and of course administration of proper antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon will be a big help.

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