Recovery after Liposuction

The road to recovery after liposuction is on a case to case basis, it all depends on what areas of the body did you have liposuction surgery on, how many areas of your body were treated with liposuction, were you under general anesthesia or just local, what type or techniques did your liposuction surgeon use on you, how many liters of fat were actually removed from your body, your lifestyle, your physical and mental condition, your age and so on and so forth. The simplest liposuction procedures using the less invasive techniques will just set you back a few days and you’ll be back on your feet in no time, but for more complex operations that were coupled with other surgical procedures then we’re talking about weeks as a minimum to even months.

One thing is for certain when you are on to recovery after liposuction; you need patience and focus to carry you through; so, you definitely need to remember and follow all the pre-operation instructions given to you by your cosmetic liposuction surgeon for post-operative care. Some clinics or hospitals offer a 12 to 24 hour recovery stay in for patients who have been under general anesthesia, it is very important to remember to have someone with you at least for the first 24 hours after surgery, you won’t be lucid and you’ll definitely be groggy, don’t try to work on anything just yet and don’t sign any documents while under the influence of general anesthetic.

You’d of course be wearing compression garments around your treated areas; this is to aid in the re-contouring of the liposuction areas and also assist in the drainage of any leftover tumescent fluids still in your body. Most of the tumescent liquid will of course spill out from the still open incision areas; this is called “open-drainage” and will contribute to minimize bruising on your body. Remember to put some covering on your bed and sofas to avoid staining them when you rest on them.

During recovery after liposuction you’ll feel muscle pains and cramps these can be readily addressed by the medication prescribed to you by your cosmetic surgeon. Antibiotics will also be prescribed to ward off any infection that might occur, follow the instructions closely about any medication that is given to you, after a couple of days your surgeon will tell you if you can already temporarily remove the compression garments so that you can bathe yourself, after cleaning yourself, apply lotion on the liposuction areas to help with dryness that is caused by the procedure itself. You can assist and speed up the recovery process by carefully and slowly moving around, short walks are the best in improving your circulation, more blood runs through the treated areas means more oxygen, which means faster recovery after liposuction.

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