Recovering after Tummy Tuck Surgery

In all kinds of surgical operation, recovery is very important.  You must be prepared for your post-surgical recovery especially after tummy tuck as it is considered as major surgical operation.  After the surgery, you will feel weak and may take several weeks before you recover.  The affected areas are expected to swell and you might get frustrated upon seeing yourself in the mirror.  You will soon notice the difference after several weeks when the swelling subsides.

The preparation after the tummy tuck should not only be physical.  Preparing yourself mentally is very important as your movements will be limited after the first few days of the operation.  You may not be allowed to lie down or stand without stretching your knew as these may affect the operation and rip your stitches.  It will also be very difficult to move as you will be afflicted with pain.  Pain reliever may be given but this has limited effect and you must deal with discomforts until the next pain reliever.

Most patients develop lower back problems because of the limited movements.  You can just imagine staying on bended position for days.  Any attempt to stretch your back may cause problems with your surgery.  You have no choice but to deal with it.

Most patients can ask the permission of their surgeon if they can do some light exercises to give relief to the lower back after six weeks.  Some patients notice that the skin is not that tight after about a month.  Patients must not worry because this is just normal and may soon vanish.  As soon as the healing of the surgical operation progress, improvement on the affected area will be noticed.

Do not be afraid that the scars after tummy tuck will stay there forever.  Most of these scars will start to vanish until it reaches about 6 to 12 months.  In cases that the scar did not disappear, there is another procedure to help remove the scars.

We understand that one of the main reasons why people under go tummy tuck is to be able to have a good figure.  Although maintenance is quite important, do not start extreme diet after the tummy tuck procedure.  One must stick to a healthy diet following the balanced diet for proper nutrition.  Returning to work is quite impossible.  Since you are to limit your movements after the surgical operation to make sure that your stitches will not rip.

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