Quick liposuction

Ultimately the final goal of liposuction is to recontour of body by removing extra fat from different areas of the body within a very short time which is not possible with diet and exercise. The certain advantage of liposuction is the quick result of reshaping of the body. Patient spend short time in surgeon`s chamber. After giving local anesthesia or only sedative and walk out their double chin, , jelly belly, mummy tummy, thunder thighs, saddle bags, love handles ,arms, or even a combination.,

Now a day’s advance technology makes liposuction more convenient, take short time surgery and also less down time. Today, there are an increasing numbers of types of liposuction such as body jet liposuction, tumescent liposuction, suction assisted lipectomy, ultrasonic assisted liposculpture, power assisted liposculpture. The choice of technique and the result vary from each patient. Because surgeons have to study on every patient`s body composition and a personal comprehensive consultation is required to select what type of liposuction surgery is required or suitable for any individual patient.

Based on the process of fat suctioned out from the body, body jet liposuction is different from ant other conventional liposuction process. Normally high volume of saline injected into the fatty areas t melted down the fatty tissues. But this process water inject simultaneously into the body at the time of fat out with the help of water spray device.  The fatty tissues are broken down quickly and efficiently under the control of water pressure through out the procedure. In this process local anesthesia is used and almost very small swelling and bruising. Few patient experience excessive bruising and feel comfort after the surgery. Results are also significant.

In the suctioned assisted lipectomy method, fat I suction out through the cannula which is inserted subdermally and the strong high pressure volume is applied to the cannula for break down the fat and out suction out from the body. The abdomen, buttock, hips, thigh are the common treated areas of the body.

With the help of ultrasonic energy the cannula is inserted under the skin in ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) technique. After energized the cannula fat is melted down on contact by ultrasonic sound waves. The advantage of this technique is to remove of large areas fat at a time.

Over the years liposuction become most popular among the people. Sometimes it is not possible to remove extra fat from body only by diet and exercise. Liposuction is the best method to remove those quickly.

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