Power assisted liposuction

Power assisted liposuction which is also called power liposuction, P.A.L, or powered liposuction is one of the most recent technologies in liposuction. By an electric motor or compressed air PAL device PAL device uses power supply to produce movement or spinning rotation of liposuction cannula which is attached with it. The power supply helps to break up the fat cells by making rapid vibration with the help of power supply so that fat can easily be suctioned out from the body. Surgeons can remove fat within very shorter period of time. PAL is performed using the tumescent liposuction technique in which anesthetic solution I injected into the treated area to make the fat cells smooth and transfer from the body through the cannula. The procedure makes safer and faster recovery and enhances the result.

As the cannula is vibrating by uses power so it helps to release the ft cells from the body very easily. Doctors do not need to create force during the liposuction time. Researcher found that by power assisted liposuction procedure, 30 percent more fat can be removed than the manual procedure. Bruising and recovery time significantly reduced in this process because it takes very short time to perform than any other manual process. Doctors use very small incision which makes less discomfort for the patient and shorter recovery time. Generally PAL in useful for treating some areas which is difficult to sculpt for more fibrous fat tissue like inner thighs, belly button area etc.

Most of the time liposuction is a repeated procedure. Most of the patients have scar tissue and they have to return for further surgery. In that case power assisted liposuction is much easier to work in scarred fat areas. Another advantage of power assisted liposuction is that no significant thermal or heat energy is used in this procedure so there is no scope to carry the risk of burns and burn related damages.

Like any other surgical process, power assisted liposuction has also some risk and disadvantages. Pain after the operation can be managed by painkiller or with local anesthesia. The other complications include excessive bleeding, swelling after long time of surgery, bruising the treated area.ms of the discomforts can be removed and get better result by proper dieting, plenty of rest and followed doctor suggestions and visit surgeon on time suggested by them.

Most of the doctors now using power assisted liposuction and when a patient decided to go through liposuction he have to find out a qualified surgeon who can take decision which liposuction procedure should perfect for him or her.

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