Painless Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgeon that is known to have a painful, invasive process that effectively eliminates fatty deposits on the different areas of the body. Although it is undoubtedly an effective procedure, there are still a lot of people who are afraid of going through an operation that is risky and very painful. Fortunately, because of the never ending technological updates and advances, this procedure has also been improved over the years. For those who want to go through this procedure but are afraid of too much pain, painless liposuction may be the best option for you.

Gone are the days when liposuction has been dreaded by many because of the invasive procedure. Today, there are a lot of techniques being used by cosmetic surgeons that are effective in removing excess, unwanted fats with faster recovery period of and less invasive. Painless liposuction is performed by turning the excess fat into liquid and then eliminate the liquefied fat cells with the use of a cannula which is a thin, small tube inserted through tiny incisions.

There are actually two ways on how fat can be eliminated, through liquifying fluid solution and with ultrasound. For the first method, techniques like wet liposuction, super wet liposuction and tumescent liposuction are being employed. A fluid is injected on the affected area to liquefy the fat. Once it has been sufficiently liquiefied, the cannula will then be inserted to remove the solution of fat cells and injected fluid. Also, there are different types of cannulas for these different techniques. The suction assisted which suctions the fat, power assisted which is operated with electricity and they have the ability to make small, precise movements thus, making the procedure a little less uncomfortable and the twin cannulae, which has two tubes that do the actual suctioning and the other tube which minimizes the trauma around the incision.

Painless liposuction can now be achievable with these different kinds of techniques and equipments that have been improved over the years. Non-surgical liposuction procedure gives all the advantages of having surgery but without the excruciating, scary, painful and invasive experience. Very small incisions are required which means the pain and risks are tremendously reduced. With this new procedure, trauma is also minimized as well as the recovery period. Ask your doctor today and find out more about liposuction, pain free and check if this is the best option for you.

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