Nose Liposuction

There are ways to treat the problem with your nose, one is Alarplasty, and it is a surgery that trims the nose that aims to narrow the span of the nostrils and the alar base. This is applicable to those people with wide opening and flared nostrils. To be able to qualify to undergo Alarpastry, you must be healthy, not a smoker, not taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, if currently undergoing medication an adjustment should be done to be determined by your doctor. The procedure of this surgery is done by cutting out a wedge shaped piece from the out base of both of your nostrils which may depend on the size of your nostrils. This can be done usually with local anesthesia and in outpatient basis. After the performance of the procedure, the treated nose will be covered by splint or bandage. A skilled doctor is needed to perform the surgery because nose is a sensitive part of the body.  Post surgery visible effects consist of pain and discomfort and puffiness but can be alleviated by medications. Sleeping requires that your head should be higher than the chest so that swelling will be reduced. Vanishing of pain will take effect after 2 to 3 days and removal of bandage will be on the third day after the procedure. Stitches will be removed on the 7th and 10th day. Normally a patient can go back to his/her normal activities after 2 weeks but still required to avoid doing strenuous work because it can prolong swelling and bruising. Taking car of the treated nose not to be injured is necessary.

Another treatment that can be done regarding nose problem is the rhinoplasty, a surgery that aims to reshape, reduce or augment the nose. It can remove hump, can narrow a wide nostrils, can change the angle of the nose and the mouth, and can also correct injury and birth defects and other problems of the nose that is related to breathing. To qualify for this surgery you must be at least 14 years of age.  An incision is made either on the inside of the nose or across the skin that separate the nostrils.  Sculpting of the desired result can be done at the cartilage and bone. To complete the procedure stitches are made to place back the skin. This will take for about two hours. The cost of the rhinoplasty varies depending on the extent of the procedure to be done and on the skills of the doctor. Rhinoplasty financing as offered in the market.

 These surgeries aim to improve the shape of the nose to make it proportioned with the other parts of the face. Most of the patient who undergone with either of the two method surgeries were satisfied with their new look. You can see the visible effect right away after the procedure.

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