Noninvasive Liposuction

In the industry of liposuction surgery the play of words can sometimes be astonishing in the case of “Noninvasive Liposuction” this refers to the removal of excess fat from parts of the human body ranging from the chin, neck, mons pubis, face, back, hips, knees, calves, arms, etc., without any actual surgery being performed, meaning no incisions made and no cannulas inserted to physically separate and extract fat from the body of the patient. Liposuction by the term itself etymologically means to suction “LIPO” or FAT without the incisions and the use of cannulas the suctioning part cannot happen so, no liposuction is actually performed.

Nowadays the term “Noninvasive Liposuction” refers to alternative treatments and techniques that can be described as truly non-liposuction and a great number of these use lasers, ultrasounds, and artificial and natural chemicals that actually result in the degradation or emulsification of fatty deposits and its elimination from the body by natural waste disposal processes, like in sweating, urination, and bowel movement.


Laser assisted noninvasive liposuction is the extraction of fatty deposits that involve emulsification or destruction of the cellular composition of fatty cells through the employment of different wavelengths of light energy, now this method is claimed to be safe and sound, but great concern is involved in computing for and determining the correct level of laser energy that is applied to the treated area of the body since this apparatus use varying forms of heat to melt down fatty deposits. The utilization of heat or excessive amounts of it may produce unwanted burns and blisters and or even nerve damage.

Noninvasive liposuction risk can be avoided by proper consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, the technique is innovative in its approach on how the emulsified fat is extracted or removed from the body, in direct comparison to conventional liposuction methods, wherein an sonic energy, tumescent fluid, and also lasers are applied to aid in the removal of fat from tissue and then an incision is made to insert a cannula to vacuum or suck out the separated fatty deposits, the noninvasive liposuction treatment entails a natural process of elimination of the emulsified fat cells through urine, sweat and bowel movement. As a result the claimed downtime is almost negligible and recovery is almost right after the procedure. The technique is quick and effective and works very well with regular exercise and dieting. Other noninvasive liposuction techniques use injections of naturally occurring chemicals into the problem areas that also result in fatty cell degradation and emulsification and subsequent elimination from the body through the body’s natural waste management processes.

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