Non invasive liposuction

Helps you get rid of the stubborn fat without undergoing a surgery. Many fat people are tired of dieting and exercising. It helps in removing pockets of fats from various body parts, such as, stomach, thighs, hips, upper arms, etc. But not all the fat people can go for liposuction. People with weakened immune systems, diabetes, and heart diseases are not the right candidates for liposuction. Other factors, such as, skin elasticity, weight, and the age of a person also matter when it comes to getting the desired results. a Young and healthy people with good skin texture get the best results from liposuction. The fat cells are removed surgically with the help of a suction tube known as cannula. Surgeons insert the cannula in the skin through small insertions that break and vacuum out the unwanted fat under the skin. However, with  advanced technology, a lot of new non invasive liposuction treatments have been discovered and are effectively used.

The term non invasive liposuction treatment refers to removing fat cells from the problem areas of the body without any surgery. One of the non surgical liposuction treatments is radio frequency breaks down fat with focused radio frequency waves. This makes the fat excretion more efficient and puts less strain on the patient, as most of the fat cells are destroyed by the waves. The latest radio frequency liposuction equipment have hollow probes that easily break down and vacuum out fat deposits. In this treatment only a few insertions are made compared to the surgical method, but not all the doctors would suggest this liposuction treatment, as it is still in the developing stage. It is one of the liposuction alternatives with electromagnetic wavelength. The fat under the skin is melted by emitting concentrated electromagnetic waves on the target area. They help in extracting the fat easily.

According to experts, it is not the suitable method for people with excessive fat deposits. Mesotherapy essentially involves injecting a person with a liquid drug containing, amino acids, lecithin, and some wholistic compounds. This injection helps in dissolving the fat deposits in the body. The needles used in mesotherapy are so tiny that patients generally do not feel any pain. The injections used in the mesotherapy basically emulsify the fat and act as detergents. This is a popular liposuction procedure in Europe and South America as it is known to cause less side effects.  In this type of non invasive liposuction, a laser device is placed on the skin that liquefies the fat under the skin. This liquid fat is gathered in interstitial space around the cells and then it is naturally removed from the body through lymphatic system. This is the most common method, but it is associated with various laser liposuction risks, one of them being re absorption of fat after few days. Another disadvantage of laser therapy is that someone may have to pay many visits to the laser clinic and may not get instant results.

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