New Liposuction Technique

The greatest thing about the new liposuction procedure is that once the fats have been eliminated, patients are assured that it will not come back. With the aid of laser-assisted tubes, most of the new liposuction methods melt away fats Traditional liposuction utilized a cannula, or suction probe, to extract the fat from the patient’s body. But in this new technique, this is much safer because surgeon use local anesthetics to numb the target area, In addition to that they are capable of successfully eliminating fats on common problem areas that neither diet nor exercise can remove, such as the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Many are interested to try this new technique for providing there various advantages. They introduce very little trauma to the body. This is because liquid fats are suctioned out of the body instead of solid fats. The laser tube helps to liquefies the stored fats before the surgeon takes them out. This method is less traumatic since liquid fats are much easier to remove than solid fats. Newer methods are perfect for body sculpting because it automatically tightens the skin right after the treatment. And another advantage is that further cosmetic treatments (such as lifts and tucks) are not necessary. 

Moreover the results are more permanent; Patients won’t have to worry about the recurrence of fats. But if they want to maintain their new look of course, healthy diet and regular exercise are highly advised

Laser procedures have improved over decades and have been incorporated into modern day surgeries By using laser in laser assisted procedure It liquefies the fat deposits and then extracts them from the body.  This procedure is also known to produce the least risk of tissue damage.  Laser lipolysis is one of the new liposuction techniques offering a safe and minimally invasive way of removing localized fatty deposits. Patients who have this procedure done are able to go home and relax the same day. They are also able to return to their usual activities within a day or two whereas old liposuction procedure takes time more.

One thing that should bear in mind is that laser lipolysis is not designed to treat obesity. Hence, this new liposuction method is best suited for patients who are not thirty pounds over their ideal weight. In addition to that, must be in good health, must have good skin elasticity on the targeted area, has maintained a desirable weight

Although the new technology has many advantages, it should be remember that this method almost new within the cosmetics fields. Because it is still in the experimental stage. So if anyone decided to of getting liposuction using this new procedure, then it’s best to talk with cosmetic surgeon and see what the total benefits are and the disadvantages as well

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