Neck Liposuction Recovery

Lipoplasty or more popularly known as liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure invented in the 1970’s by an Italian American gynecologist based in Rome, Italy. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that literally means to suck out fat, this is done under general anesthesia and when the patient is effectively anesthetized, the surgeon then cuts and incision into the area to be treated, the incisions serve as entry and exit points for stainless steel tubes referred to as cannulas, these tubes are used by the surgeon to separate and extract fatty deposits from whatever area is being treated. The more traditional areas of the body targeted for liposuction is the hips, abdomen and thighs, but a growing number of individuals and cosmetic surgeons are performing liposuction on different part so of the body. One of these areas is the neck area; neck liposuction recovery is unique in some ways but not totally different from other smaller scale liposuction procedures.

In neck liposuction, smaller diameter cannulas are used to separate and extract the fat from tissue and skin. The micro cannulas allow the surgeon to maneuver more effectively and precisely in the small and often curved areas of the neck to remove fatty deposits. The use of smaller diameter cannulas makes the sculpting of the neck to the desired shape and size much easier. Neck liposuction recovery is not that tedious since only local anesthetic is applied.  A light compression garment is worn but not as tight as other compression garments for other parts of the body, a neck brace is also recommended since there will still be swelling and bruising but to a minimal extent since micro cannulas were used.

After neck liposuction a patient can go home after just a few hours and is actually able to function normally, but it is highly recommended that the patient does not liberally move the neck area thus the neck brace, this is to prevent the patient from moving the head and neck too much so as to cause discomfort and pain. Neck liposuction recovery entails taking orally administered painkillers to ease tenderness and soreness in the affected areas, a course of antibiotics is also prescribed to prevent and fight of any possible infections. Aside from this, there is not much hindrance to patient’s daily activities from resuming, maybe just the discomfort of wearing a brace and not being able to fully move the neck and head. Better and more modern techniques of performing liposuction are being developed to ensure that less and less time is spent for recovery. It will only take a couple of weeks if not less for a neck liposuction patient to fully recover and appreciate the results of liposuction of the neck.

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