Neck Liposuction Price

As people age, some parts of their body build up fats that are so difficult to get rid of by means of diet and exercise alone.  The neck is one of those areas.  Once excess fats are taken off from the neck, a person could look younger than the current age or even look slimmer.  Since the face and neck are some of the visible areas in a person’s body, it is important for most people to make these areas look great all the time. Neck liposuction can actually help in getting rid of those extra fats that build up on the neck over the years.

People who have bulging necklines are the ones who usually consider neck liposuction because they feel like it’s an eye sore and they somehow feel conscious on the way they look especially when wearing clothes that reveal the neckline.  However, before making the decision to undergo in this procedure, you may want to find out how this is done, its risks and the neck liposuction price.  Learning everything about this whole process could help you weigh your options and make an informed decision.

The surgeon starts the procedure by making a tiny incision under the chin or behind the ear lobes.  After that, a thin tube will be inserted on the fatty area and dissolves the deposits and molds it to the desired sizes.  The excess fats are eliminated through a high pressure vacuum without hurting or damaging the muscles, nerves and blood vessels.  This procedure usually takes about an hour to finish and is often done with a local anesthetic. The pain is naturally felt in a minimum level but there are some times when you may feel pressure or a vibrating sensation.

It is natural for the neck to be sore, stiff and may feel pain for a few days so the doctor may prescribe some medication.  The stitches will mostly likely be removed in about 10 days or if the thread used dissolves by itself.  Most patients could report back to work in about a week but should wear a compression band to ensure the neck stays firmly shaped.

In 2007, the national average neck liposuction price was ranging from $2,000 and up.  Anestheisa, operating room facilties, and other hospital fees are not included.  The procedure is a bit pricey that’s why you need to make sure that the doctor is on the top of his game.  Most people who go through this procedure say that the neck liposuction price is worth every penny because of the great results.

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