Neck Liposuction Doctor

Liposuction had its roots from the efforts of an Italian-American gynecologist from Rome, Dr. Giorgio Fischer, who invented the liposuction procedure back in 1974. Then in 1978 Dr. Illouz, a French plastic surgeon, applied liposuction in a purely cosmetic application.

Liposuction is mostly used to correct or sculpt body parts that are asymmetrical or misshapen due to excess fat deposits that cannot be removed by traditional dieting and exercise. Body parts such as the hips, abdomen, arms, chin, back, legs, flanks and even face. In liposuction, surgeons or doctors specialize in certain areas of the body and some surgeons are more adept in performing liposuction surgery on a particular part. A neck liposuction doctor will be a specialist liposuction surgeon on the neck area and it may be that such a surgeon can also perform other liposuction methods but is an expert when it comes to neck liposuction.

Neck liposuction can be performed using alternative methods, like tumescent technique where the surgeon injects a tumescent liquid that emulsify fat from tissue and skin, making liposuction much easier. Another technique utilizes microcannulas and laser-assisted liposuction that makes use of low-intensity light energy to separate fat deposits from tissue, and dramatically reducing the risk of scarring and swelling, making contouring of the area much more efficient, there is of course the traditional method, where incisions are made just under the crease of the chin and directly behind the ear lobes, where the cannulas are inserted and the cosmetic surgeon will then move this back and forth to separate the fat from surrounding tissue, while suctioning out the fat.

Nevertheless, patients must know that surgeons within the same specialization like neck liposuction doctors may use varied techniques. Be forewarned that some liposuction surgeons have not updated their skills, and continue to utilize obsolete techniques. It is very notable for a prospective client to be knowledgeable of which are the safest surgical techniques and which are outdated. An example is that a vast number of plastic surgeons are not employing ultrasonic-assisted liposuction method, and the Food and Drugs Administration (USA) does not allow the sale of UAL devices in the U.S.

A good neck liposuction doctors should have the following credentials and skills:

1)     Board Certification in a surgical specialization

2)     Expertise in cardiac emergencies,

3)     Liposuction training in a classroom setting from an accredited institution

4)     Comprehensive practicum training in a clinic or hospital.

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