Neck Liposuction Before and After

Individuals who choose to undergo neck liposuction typically wait from 3 months to 6 months to be able to compare the difference of their neck liposuction before and after the surgery. Some people have fat deposits below their chins that create what we refer to as double chin or even triple chin effect. These fat deposits are very hard to remove by exercise or dieting alone.

A lot of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics offer liposuction for the neck and other areas of the body that is responsive to lipoplasty.  A lot of things need to be considered by interested individuals who choose to undergo neck liposuction before and after the surgical treatment. People who want to avail of this procedure must not have any dire health issues like cancer, heart problems and other complicated illnesses, this is due to the fact that most liposuction procedures require the patient to be under general anesthesia. A good healthy body and a realistic understanding of what benefits can be gained from a neck liposuction treatment is required.


Neck liposuction can be done through the use of several techniques, like super-wet technique where the plastic surgeon injects a mixture of anesthetics and chemicals to aid in the emulsification of fat from tissue and skin, making liposuction much easier. Another method is the use of microcannulas and Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction that makes use of sonic energy to separate fat deposits from tissue, and at the same time minimizing the risk of scarring and making sculpting of the area more easier, and there is of course the traditional method, where incisions are made just under the crease of the chin and directly behind the ears, where the cannulas will be inserted and the plastic surgeon will then move this back and forth to facilitate separation of the fat from the skin and tissue, and at the same time suction out this separated fat.

Fat removed from liposuction is permanently eliminated since adults do not grow back their fat cells; these fat cells only expand when they retain excess fat from our diet. There are of course several risks present when undergoing any kind of surgical procedure and theses risk can be easily avoided with the proper research and serious consultation with surgeons. It is ideal to check out first neck liposuction before and after photographs through the Internet to make you more aware of the possible results of this particular cosmetic surgical procedure.

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