Mons Pubis Liposuction

There are many kinds of liposuction and each of them focuses on a specific area on the body.  Say for instance, mons pubis liposuction.  The mons pubis is the hair bearing part of the lower abdomen which is just above the genital area. Having this said, some people have excessive, unwanted fat that builds up in the mons and is sometimes associated with a fatty abdomen.  Both men and women could be victims of this condition.  For women, the fat may be extended up to the upper part of the labia. 

Weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and aging could all contribute to a body’s sagging and loose abdominal area.  This could also affect the pubis region. For some patients who undergo tummy tuck, their stomachs are usually fine and great looking but the mons pubis could be left out sagging and bulging outward. There are a lot of instances wherein the bulge or sag in the pubic region may not be seen or discovered until after the tummy tuck or body lift. 

 For people who have this condition, they couldn’t help but feel self conscious about the way it looks when they’re wearing tight jeans or shorts since it bulges and is visible in clothes, especially in women.  Since the mons pubis liposuction is not that popularly known, most people do not know that the pubic area could be flattened and/or lifted. 

Mons pubis liposuction or also known as mons pubis rejuvenation is a procedure wherein the sagging pubic area is tucked. This procedure usually takes about 30 minutes and it could be done with a light or local anesthesia.  For this procedure, recovery period usually take about 2 days but the bruising and swelling could still last up to a week to 10 more days.  As with any other surgeries, complications could are inevitable like bleeding or infection but is not likely to happen. 

If you are one of the many people who suffer from a sagging or bulging mons pubis, you don’t have to let this condition take the best out of you and suck all the confidence you have.  There is a solution.  Mons pubis liposuction is a proven procedure and guarantees great results.  Just make sure that the surgeon you’d take to the procedure on you is qualified, licensed and experienced.  Go ahead and talk to a medical professional and ask about this procedure and other options available for you to treat your condition.

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