Minor liposuction

Minor liposuction is a procedure in which removal of excess body fat or fatty tissue from different small precise areas of bodies such as the chin, knees, ankles and triceps. Statistics shown that every one in three of the lipo procedures carried out each year is minor liposuction.

Minor liposuction procedure is helps to fine tune of a body. It’s also used to enhance other procedures, including facelifts and eye surgery. Like other major liposuction it is not used for losing weight but to tighten up areas that diet and exercise can’t fix and increase beauty by reshape of the area.

The minor liposuction procedure is not very uncommon process like other major liposuction. The surgeon makes a tiny incision in the skin and then inserts an implement called a cannula, which is help to break up the fat. With a vacuum pump the dissolved fat become sucked out. In case of small area the surgeon can treated it just with the help of a syringe.

If a limited number of body fat has to be removed and treated a small area are involved, liposuction can be performed by local anesthesia. Patients also less likely to be given a general anesthetic with minor liposuction-some procedures are carried out with just a local anesthetic or’ twilight anesthetic’ where patients be sleepy but not unconscious.

 Age is not a major consideration in minor liposuction procedures, but those with more elastic qualities in their skin can expect to experience better results. For those who do not have elastic skin, other procedures can tighten the skin after fat has been removed using liposuction techniques.

The recovery time of minor liposuction is much shorter than major, because small area is being treated. It is not so painful but still be bruised for a week or two and suffer from aches and pains for two to three days. Patients have to wear the pressure garment suggested by doctors for seven to 10 days afterwards. As soon as the drainage has ceased, a compression garment is no longer necessary

If there is no general anesthetic is used serious health risks are not very common with minor lipo. There is a particular problem incase of bilateral sites such as the knees because symmetry is always an issue with liposuction. If the patient will not happy then a reputed surgeon should offer second operation with free of cost.

Fat cells might be removed by minor liposuction procedure but patients have to still careful about weigh gain because at the end up fat could be accumulated in other parts of body.

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