Microliposuction or Tumescent Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most well known if not the most popular ways to get rid of excess body fat without the time-consumption and stress of regular dieting and physical workout regimens. Cosmetic Surgeons use a combination of anesthetics and stainless steel tube tools called cannulas attached to hoses and a powerful suction device to remove fat deposits from different parts of your body.

Regular cannulas have widths ranging from five millimeters to ten millimeters and are commonly used to drain fats from large areas of the body like the tummy and hip areas.

Procedures using the regular cannulas may produce scars from incisions and take longer to heal according to doctors. Improvements made in recent years have given way to Tumescent liposuction or “Microliposuction” this procedure makes use of smaller cannulas which are only less than half the size of regular cannulas utilized during regular liposuction procedures, the cannulas used for Microliposuction are only one to three millimeters in diameter and are mostly used to remove excess fats from the face like the cheeks, forehead, neck and lip area with an average of three liters of fat removed per procedure.

The smaller cannulas make it possible for the cosmetic surgeon to contour these smaller areas with much better precision and with much less stress on the patient since the procedure entails minimal use of anesthesia and in most cases only locally applied anesthetics are needed to perform the procedure. Scarring from incisions and recovery issues are also minimized dramatically making Microliposuction or tumescent liposuction more attractive to those who want to sculpt a particular part of their anatomy, this is coupled with a much more cheaper price tag of around $2,500-$3,500 per procedure, depending on the area of the body of application. It is no surprise then that Microliposuction is fast becoming the preferred procedure over regular liposuction.

The choice of undergoing a regular liposuction procedure or tumescent liposuction / Microliposuction is dependent on the area of your body that is to be cosmetically sculpted and the amount of excess fat that is present in those areas. A cosmetic surgeon will freely discuss the type of procedure that is most effective and efficient in delivering the shape that you want and that best fits your body as a whole. Microliposuction is readily available where regular liposuction is offered and is continually gaining popularity due to its price, minimal invasiveness, and over-all side effects and risk reduction to the person undergoing the procedure.  Consult a doctor / cosmetic surgeon to find out the best procedure for you to gain the body and face that you have always wanted.

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