Medical Liposuction

Men and women have always been in pursuit of the perfect body, the perfect hips, the perfect legs, the perfect chin, the perfect upper arms, and even the perfect knees. The most safest and the most practical way to go about getting those perfect body parts is to eat well, exercise and get enough rest but even when a person does all of these, age and other factors can contribute to unwanted and unsightly fat deposits making that aesthetically pleasing body an unreachable dream.

Good thing that in the field of medicine, specifically cosmetic surgery, doctors have been using a tried and proven technique called medical liposuction, Dr. Giorgio Fischer, an Italian gynecologist from Rome, invented the liposuction procedure in 1974. Dr. Illouz, a French plastic surgeon, was the first to apply liposuction in a purely cosmetic procedure 4 years later.

Any person who is in generally good physical health can undergo medical liposuction and must be done in full consultation with a medical professional, the operation can be done on different parts of the body and simultaneous treatments of several parts can be executed. The liposuction procedure also known as Lipoplasty entails the use of hollow stainless tubes that are inserted into incisions made directly into the areas of the body to be treated, this cannulas are attached to tubes that are in turn attached to powerful vacuums that suction out the fat deposits that are separated from the skin and tissue by rapid movements of the cannula. In tumescent liposuction a tumescent fluid is introduced through one of the cannulas to facilitate dislodgement of fatty cells from the dermis and underlying tissue and effectively turn it into a fluid to ease suctioning and also to lessen pain via introduction of anesthetics into to the liquid solution.


Medical liposuction is a globally accepted procedure, though it is not without its inherent risk. Hundreds of cases from around the world have recorded ill effects from those who have undergone the procedure, complaints ranging from simple scarring and skin elasticity issues resulting in unhappy clients to infection, seroma, and even deaths. Decades of utilization by cosmetic surgeons and the continued patronage of people who want to look and feel better has made medical liposuction into a multi- million dollar a year business and more and more advanced techniques and devices have been develop and continue to be developed by the medical and cosmetics industry.

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