Male breast liposuction

Male breast is one of the most common treated areas of liposuction. Male patient who has excessive fat in the breast region which is caused by the adipose of excess amount of glandular tissue can go with liposuction to get improved result. The main target of male breast liposuction is to remove the fat cells from the area without damaging any skin or muscles, to improve the physical appearance as much as possible. Male breast liposuction is comparatively cheaper than any other surgical breast reduction. This process is less invasive which involves less pain fewer scars and shorter recovery time.


The male breast liposuction usually performed by the tumescent liposuction procedure under local anesthesia. Sometimes general anesthesia needs in case of large area has to be treated. Overall the procedure called outpatient that means patient should not stay hospital at night. At first inject the large volume of saline containing local anesthesia lidocaine solution under the skin. It helps to constrict the blood vessels. When it reached at the targeted pint the surgeon insert a microcannula which is tube like structure by a small incision and suctioned all fat under the vacuum power. Liposuction procedure for male breast is usually perfect for pseudo-gynocemastia. The breast tissue is very dense and fibrous in true gynocemastia, which is very difficult to penetrate and remove with the help of liposuction cannula.


The recovery process of male breast liposuction is very short and small. After complete the process he incision remains open to drainage the solution as much as possible. The fluid will continue draining for a couple of days. During first 24-48 hours needs to use the additional compression suggested by the doctors. It helps to remove movement and makes less swelling and bruising. Patients should have realistic expectation to get the better result. Liposuction is not the process of weight loss significantly, it only helps to reshape and contour of the body by removing mall fat cells from selected areas. It is a best to remember that every patient can get 50% benefit from the surgery, although some times the rate is more than that. For the thin patient the rate become less than normal, because there is no room for more improvement.


Male breast liposuction procedure is the best way to decrease the fat tissue from the area and makes the perfect shape which is increase the self confident level for men. It also increases the better social life. But patient should have to discuss with expert surgeon before go through any surgery procedure which is better for him.

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