Loose Skin after Liposuction

Lipoplasty or liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure is currently the rave for people who want to enhance their physical appearance and their emotional confidence in them, the other term for liposuction is body sculpting or liposculpture, since the cosmetic surgeon uses the surgical technique to create new shapes and contours by carefully and deliberately removing fat from specific parts of a person’s body, one of the risk innate to lipoplasty is the appearance of loose skin after liposuction.

For a person to qualify for liposuction, one must be in good physical health, he or she is in more or less within their proper weight, an individual choosing to have liposuction surgery must also have no pre-existing medical conditions that may present complications during the surgery itself since most major liposuction surgeries involve the use of general anesthetics. The person should also have realistic expectations, this can be achieved through in-depth consultations and discussions with a prospective cosmetic surgeon of the persons’ choice, having realistic expectations can have a big impact on the overall success and contentment level of the interested liposuction client during recovery and after making a full recovery. Equally important is the elasticity of the skin, a good liposuction candidate must have good elastic skin since this can actually make or break a liposuction surgery treatment, loose skin after liposuction is usually regarded as a botched liposuction surgery and in most cases require additional cosmetic surgery like a tummy tuck for abdominal lipo or a face lift for neck and cheek lipo. Poorly elastic skin can lead to wrinkling, dimples and sagging skin due to loose skin after liposuction.

Having good elastic skin can prevent loose skin after liposuction altogether, and determining if you have good elastic skin in your target areas should be a priority. A good cosmetic surgeon will be able to identify right away if a prospective liposuction patients’ skin is elastic enough to conform to the new shape of the liposuction treated area of the body and if it will shrink into the desired contour as planned for during pre-operation consultation. If the skin is not elastic enough maybe due to age, obesity or heavy smoking or a combination of factors the cosmetic surgeon should already recommend additional surgical procedures to maximize the aesthetic and cosmetic effects of the liposuction itself, the surgeon should also discuss the possible inadequacy of  liposuction treatment to enhance the problem area without resorting to additional cosmetic surgery like a tummy tuck, skin lift or skin excision to aid in the overall aesthetic objectives of the patient and the reason for having the liposuction  treatment at all.

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