Liquid liposuction

Liquid liposuction is another method of removing fats discovered in 2008. It differs from other traditional liposuction because it employs fine jet of water to break down the unwanted fats under the skin. This method is more gentle that other liposuction procedure resulting to lesser pain and safer procedure. The recovery tome is lesser and it offers lesser bruise and swelling.

Liquid liposuction is also called Liposoft is known to be more effective technique in removing fats. Though still like other surgical procedure, it may carry a risk of infection, disappointing as it may sound but you still need to consider this before you undergo with the procedure.

One patient from Korea, who undergone Liquid Liposuction, says that her experience was amazing.  She combines the procedure with appetite suppressants (phentermine and fluoxetine) and drinking a lot of water every day. She takes the treatment every Saturday and so far for a month she losses 23 pounds. But still she also does diet and exercise to make her body more toned and to achieve a better result than just by sitting and relying on the procedure alone.

Liquid liposuction is a more advance technique that aims to improve the patient’s safety and comfort and providing also the surgeon a control over the procedure resulting to a more precise result. Although there are still negative feedback regarding this procedure, below is some of its advantages:

  • · Shorter recovery times, the pain will be gone in 4 days and the patient can go back to work in 2 days.Patients experience much less swelling and bruising than with traditional liposuction
  • Minimal discomfort because of mild sedation it requires.
  • A more gentle way of contouring the body because it uses high pressure water to break down the fat cells without letting the surrounding tissues be damaged.
  • The fats cells are permanently removed.
  • Instant result will be seen letting the doctor see improvement to be made.
  • During the procedure the patient can stand up to allow fine-tuning of the result. Because of the numbing fluid that it gives there is an assurance of lesser swelling than traditional liposuction. These factors have given significant reductions in revision rates, indentations and asymmetry.

Liquid liposuction can be performed in various areas of the body that stores unwanted fats like the arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, cheeks, chin, neck and back. But still it is advisable to exercise and cut your traditional diet to make this procedure more effective to your body leaving you with no worries of looking not presentable.

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