A growing number of individuals both men and women are pursuing their need for their personal ideal body shape, size and form. Most of these go through rigorous training and exercise and strict diet regimens to get those fantastic washboard abs and those tight firm buttocks, for some it’s not such a simple case of lack of exercise or an unhealthy diet. It is a well established fact that some people have areas of their bodies that are susceptible to fat build up and this is due to hereditary traits brought about by their unique genes. The only recourse for these people is to undertake liposuctions.

The abdomen, waist, buttocks and thighs are the most common areas of the body that is because of a person’s unique genetic make-up is resistant to exercise and diet, simply put, these areas of the body are impervious to personal attempts of size reduction or re shaping through traditional and conventional methods. Fat cells are randomly located in a persons’ body according to a pre determined placement plan contained in a persons’ genes, that’s why some people deposit more fat or gain fat in some areas more than other areas of their bodies while other people seem to deposit their fats in these other areas. So, sometimes you see people with excessively large waist and hips, while others have small hips but very fat thighs, and others have small hips and thighs but have bulging abdomens so on and so forth.

Liposuctions performed on these problem areas can give the person a reshaped and re contoured body that is to his or her liking. There are several methods of performing liposuctions, and these have been developed since liposuction was invented in 1974 by a gynecologist named Giorgio Fischer in Rome, Italy. Now, people can choose several techniques of liposuction surgery to help them in getting the forms and shapes of their bodies that they desire.

Liposuctions are basically a cosmetic surgery method that entails the removal of fat deposits from specific areas of an individual’s body through suctioning these fats by using stainless steel tubes called cannulas that are inserted through incisions made by the plastic surgeon on persons’ target problem areas. Fat removed through liposuction is permanently eliminated from the body; this is because adults cannot anymore produce new fat cells. This is why liposuctions are very popular because the lost weight and the newly shaped body is easy to maintain and in some respects easier to gain possession of. Consult a board certified liposuction expert for your personal queries on liposuctions for your own personal needs.

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