Liposuction with Laser

Liposuction treatment has gone a long way since Dr. Giorgio Fischer, an Italian-American Gynecologist invented liposuction in 1974 in Rome, Italy. Conventional liposuction technique involved the removal of fat through incisions made by a surgeon near the areas of the body for treatment, in these incisions, cannulas are then inserted to remove fat from under the skin through suction. The most modern of the techniques is liposuction with laser.

The conventional techniques of liposuction was pretty invasive since it was done under general anesthesia and the incisions made by the plastic surgeon was relatively bigger than the micro cannulas used in liposuction with laser. The use of low intensity lasers in liposuction is somehow two pronged, with some surgeons employing it as an assisting technology to liposuction surgery. This is the real liposuction with laser, where the laser energy is applied internally, emitted through the tips of the cannulas or externally from the outside of the skin. The heat emanating from the laser breaks down the membrane of the subcutaneous fat deposits, liquefying the fatty cells, just like in the super wet technique and the ultrasonic-assisted liposuction. This liquefaction makes it easier for the plastic surgeon to extricate the now liquid fat from the patients’ body through liposuction.

The other method of laser liposuction is quite misleading in name, since there is no liposuction surgery performed. The laser therapy or laser application is purely external and does the same thing as the internal lasers used to assist liposuction surgery, but in this instance the liquefied fat cells are not extracted by cannulas but are eased out of a persons’ body slowly and naturally through the waste management system of the human body. So technically, there’s really no liposuction being performed in such treatments, but the mere fact that it is a fat removal technique, enterprising surgeons and entrepreneurs have nonchalantly used the term liposuction to market their product.

Liposuction with laser promises liposuction surgery without the associated pain and discomfort and unlike the old adage that states “No pain, no gain” is absolutely not true in this regard. Laser assisted liposuction significantly reduces the occurrence of swelling and bruising since it makes it easier for the liposuction tool to remove the already liquefied fat the cannulas do not anymore cause that much damage to surrounding blood vessels and tissues that are normally hit and damaged by the vigorous movement of the cannulas in conventional liposuction methods. Less blood loss, less swelling means faster recovery time for the patient.

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