Liposuction Techniques

Liposuction is the most common surgery for re-contouring the body. There are many liposuction techniques created to address the different fat problems of different types of people. One person may have fat problem on just one part of his or her body, and one person may just have one or more part of his or her body with fat problems. Almost all parts of the body has its own excess fat deposits that need to be sucked out in order to regain the confidence you may have lost due to your obese figure. Below are the liposuction techniques that have been created for the past three decades.

  1. 1. Tumescent Technique – a method that uses local anaesthesia to numb the area where fats are to be sucked out.
  2. 2. Water Jet Assisted Liposuction – a technique that uses pressurized stream of saline to loosen up the fats for easier and more gentle removal
  3. 3. LipoTherme and LipoControl – introduced by Osyris Medical that uses laser lipolysis technology that works in conjunction with LipoCOntrol Technology.
  4. 4. Power Assisted Technique (PAL) – use power on their devises that is being supplied by electric motor or compressed air to produce rapid in and out movement and spinning rotation of the cannula used in sucking the fats out.
  5. 5. Wet technique – requires the injection of local anaesthesia that contains epinephrine under the skin.
  6. 6. Super Wet Technique – a technique requires the anaesthesia to be diluted into the water before injecting it to the target area.
  7. 7. Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL) – it uses a large volume of tumescent fluid to deliver the ultrasonic energy and heat into the subcutaneous fat through the use of a metal probe or metal paddle.
  8. 8. Vaser Liposuction – it is also known as LipoSelection just like other traditional liposuction techniques it removes fat deposits from beneath the skin through sucking it out by the use of cannula.
  9. 9. Laser Liposuction – this technique also uses tumescent fluid and micro cannula that is being inserted under the skin through small incisions to deliver the laser energy and heat to the target fats.
  10. 10. SmartLipo – this technique is believed to be where laser liposuction technique began. It offers a higher quality of procedure and results through its laser system.
  11. 11. CoolLipo – this technique also uses laser wavelengths to dissolve the fat deposits and it also firms the skin for a better result. It is usually used to remove excess fats in the face area, chin and neck.
  12. 12. ProLipo Plus- it uses also laser for a specific and precise body reshaping procedure. Since it uses laser it offers lesser bleeding and bruising. It can be done through the use of local anaesthesia.
  13. 13. LipoLite – a liposuction technique that uses laser with 1064 nm wavelength to melt and remove the fats. It is less invasive procedure since it uses tiny cannula and fiber optic laser.
  14. 14. Dry Technique – this technique do not use any injection of local anaesthesia before removing the fats. This procedure is no longer allowed to be used because of excessive blood loss that the patient suffers during the procedure. Approximately 30% of the tissue being sucked out is composed of blood.

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