Liposuction success

Liposuction procedure since its beginning, have gone a long way. It has become the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world. The procedure is too risky when it began; new technologies have been developed and most importantly, it is safer than ever. But results obtained by individual patients are dependent on several factors. The ultimate success of liposuction depends on the surgery procedure and experienced surgeon as well as the post-operative care of patient.

The perfect candidate for liposuction is someone who is a stable, healthy weight who has specific areas of stubborn fat which cannot be removed with diet and exercise alone. Any patient who is likely to be happy with the results of liposuction is a good candidate. The main target of liposuction is to obtain an optimal aesthetic result rather than to maximize the amount of fat removed. One of the most common causes for disappointment in the results of liposuction surgery is the removal of too much fat, which produces an abnormal or unusual appearance. 

A new study shows people who have liposuction are three times more likely to gain weight if they don’t follow a healthy diet, and four times more likely to pile on the pounds without regular exercise. But those who follow a healthy diet are twice as likely to lose weight after liposuction. It should be used only in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet to encourage long-term weight loss success.

There are some rules which should be followed for quickly recover of liposuction, great result and get back to daily life. A good outcome is a much possible if will have a good preparation as well.

* Some experts suggest drinking a lot of thirst quencher the night before the operation to prevent a fluid shift

*Patient should take vitamin c and multivitamin twice a day.

* Patient may want to start antibiotics a few days before to help cut down on the risk of infection

* It is also important to have a stable weight prior to having the surgery

*wear compression garments around treated area for up to 4 days,

*Start walking immediately, Take antibiotics regularly.

 Success of liposuction also depends on all of these all things and how patient take care themselves after surgery.

Liposuction has always been for contouring, not for weight loss. Sometimes people get that confused. This is one of the first studies to look at the long-term results of liposuction and shows that people are much more likely to be happy with their results if they make other healthy lifestyle changes.

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