Liposuction Side Effects

Liposuction is a procedure to which fats are extracted out from the body. There are many methods how liposuction can be performed, but whatever they are the result are the same. Fats are permanently removed and the desired contour is achieved.

But like other surgeries, liposuction has also its side effects. Most of its side effects immediately visible after the procedure is the discoloration caused by improper clean up. Damaged blood vessels leak blood and the capillaries pool under the skin. Clearing up of this discoloration depends on the severity of the situation.

Liposuction side effects also include full thickness skin necrosis wherein skin dies because of the destroyed vital materials that should be supplied to the skin. This may occur when liposuction procedure damaged the blood vessels causing blood clotting. Also when the vascular supply to the skin is damaged. There is a tendency that this becomes serious if infection occurs. To prevent from permanent scarring, an immediate medication is recommended.

Liposuction can also cause hyper pigmentation which occurs when the skin is inflamed which ruptures the skin cells that releases melanin. This hyper pigmentation is slightly seen particularly to those light skinned people. The pigmentation may occur as foreign substance captured by macrophage. Thought this skin irregularities are not lethal as we may think of.

But patients can prevent these slight liposuction side effects by not doing the procedure for one time.  Your body parts that need to be treated should not be treated on the same day, so that your surgeon may check if occurrence of skin irregularities is possible.

Liposuction side effects can also cause allergic reaction to anesthesia used to numb the area to be treated. This allergic reaction may cause cardiac arrhythmia which affects your breathing that may cause brain damage due to lack of oxygen. It is also advisable that when engaging with liposuction, you must require your surgeon to hire a certified anesthesiologist.

Liposuction side effects also include injury to internal organ due to loose bodily particles caused by blood clot. This may also caused by the force used when performing the procedure causing the breaking of fat cells. Blood loss is also a big problem.

But if the surgeon you choose is experienced and equipped with enough knowledge, preventing these side effects is very doable. The best surgeon may cost you higher, but the quality of services will also give you a positive and satisfying results.

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