Liposuction shots

Liposuction shots are known in the market as the less invasive and safer alternative to the liposuction treatment. According to the cosmetic surgeon`s opinion, liposuction shots are known in the market as the less invasive and safer alternative to the liposuction treatment. These include the fats found near the bra area, a jaw line that has softened over time and love handles.

Liposuction shots are usually combined of a mixture of sodium deoxycholate and phosphatidylcholine.  The former is a bile salt that helps in the removal of wastes while the latter is sourced from soybeans. Often known as the PCDC, these shots are prepared in multiple pharmacies, which usually just make small amounts of these drugs that are used for specialized treatments.

With the help of a fine needle, the liposuction shots have to be administrated in to the parts of the body where there are fat deposits like face, abdomen, back or hips. Incase of large area there need as many as 120 shots in one session. There are times when, instead of syringe, the shots are given with the use of a mesogun, which is a rapid fire device that is able to give multiple shots in just a short period of time. Before the injections are administered, a cream that numbs the area to be treated is applied first. To be more effective in achieving the desired results, two to six treatments using liposuction shots are often needed.

Patients who undergo injection lipolysis receive a series of shots in their bellies, thighs, neck, upper arms and other fatty areas they want to shrink. Depending on the target area and the clinic’s method, patients may require six visits, often spaced two to four weeks apart, where they get between five and 25 shots.  These treatments usually cost between $1,000 and $3,000 per area and this amount usually cover the total number of shots given during the session.

The known side affect of this liposuction shots may be cause pain or temporary burning, redness and an amount of swelling. This is because the shots are said to cause an inflammatory reaction that could lead to the breakdown of fats and then its excretion from the body. There may be adverse side effects in being obese–increased risk of cancer and diabetes, probably even issues with high blood pressure. Although there are other doctors who are not convinced about the safety and the effectiveness of these shots, there are a number of other doctors as well as patients who vouch for them.

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