Liposuction Scar Tissue

One of the greatest worries of patients’ going through a cosmetic liposuction surgery is having liposuction scar tissue since the whole objective of having gone through liposuction is to improve one’s looks and having visible scars cannot be regarded as an improvement. Scarring after liposuction can be attributed to lot of factors such as the patients’ age, eating habits, if the patient’s a smoker and a liquor drinker and the color of the patients’ skin itself, and the unique conditions that one may find in a person’s genes may also contribute to the occurrence of liposuction scar tissue.

Scarring also depends on the technique used to perform the liposuction, since most conventional methods use large diameter cannula tubes that have to be inserted in incisions that must be able to accommodate these liposuction tools. The larger the incisions, the larger the chances for liposuction scar tissue to form. The use of alternative approaches like laser assisted liposuction, ultrasonic assisted liposuction and micro cannula directly contribute to lessened occurrences of scarring, bruising and swelling in the immediate area of liposuction treatment.

Botched liposuction operations often have as an unfortunate side effect very obvious scarring and this can be attributed to inexperienced liposuction surgeons aggressively moving their cannulas through the incisions making the cut edges wider and bruised thus liposuction scar tissue is formed. Patient’s also are to blame for their own misfortunes when it comes to scarring, improper post operation care at home such as not changing the dressing too often and not wiping off excess tumescent fluid from the open incisions while draining may lead to infection and infections have a nasty habit of festering open wounds which make the incisions bigger in size until they are not anymore clean horizontal or vertical cuts, but rather big puss filled holes that if the patient is lucky enough to cure and heal will with all probability be a liposuction scar tissue.

To avoid having those horrendous liposuction scar tissue ruin your otherwise expensive and difficult liposuction and waste all that pain and cash, discuss your entire medical history and disclose your vices to your liposuction surgeon before you go under the knife. Also, always remember to follow the pre-operation preparations and post-operative care instructions that the surgeon or his clinic staff has provided you with. Clean your incisions wounds regularly and change the dressings, keep your rest area or your entire room for that matter highly sanitized to avoid infection and take the full course of anti-biotic medication prescribed for you by your cosmetic surgeon. This will go a long way in avoiding having liposuction scar tissue form on your body, wasting all that money and effort for you to look good.

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