Liposuction safe

The safety of liposuction totally depends on both surgeon and patients. There are some factors or parameters that determine the liposuction process should safe or not. The most common complication of liposuction is to produce some unhappy patients. It is because of patient’s unrealistic expectations before surgery. Avoiding unrealistic expectations requires careful and accurate communication between patient and surgeon

The factors describe below will be make easy to take decision about the safety of liposuction.

*Need to disclose of complete medical history, medication, condition and anything else which is helping surgeon to determined that  the patient is good candidate for operation or not.

*the capability of a surgeon also very important thing to determine if the patient is appropriate for operation

*Liposuction safety depends on surgeon’s skill and experience. Skill of the surgical staffs, training of the anesthesiologist and the quality of the aftercare taken by the recovery staff.

*willingness of a patient to follows the postoperative protocol. Its totally depends on patient. It will be help to minimize the risk of bad things happening.

Statistics have shown that general risk of death is reported at 1 in 5,000. That is 20 in every 100,000 patients. this is because not to follow strictly post operative care by the patients and the caring staff. Liposuction can be safe if appropriate care is taken during recovery.

After liposuction two diseases may be commonly occurred. The first one is Pulmonary Thromboemboli-a blood clot to the lungs. The second one is Fat Emboli- a fat in the blood vessels. Within 24 to 72 hours these complications may be occurred. That’s why patients should monitor closely post operatively. To ensure the success of liposuction patients need to do some exercise and not to sit or lie immobile for longer periods of time. The medical staffs and nurses should follow these things.

Some surgeon has the tendency to do too much surgery at a day. It is the greatest risk of liposuction. Surgeons should also be more careful about the greatest risk of general anesthesia. Preventing complications should be the most important concern of both patients and liposuction surgeons by selecting of a good patient who is a perfect candidate for liposuction can be reduce the risk of operation and ensure the safety.

Actually, no-one can say absolutely if liposuction will be safe in a concrete case. It is important to have cleared prospective before liposuction to make it safer.

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