Liposuction Revision


Liposuction procedures are done everyday by experts and not so expert surgeons and even then, both kinds of surgeons may experience unhappy and discontented patients who, after looking into the mirror, are depressed or outright flabbergasted by what they see and claim, if not demand that they have been short changed.

Even though you often see pre-and-post operation photographs of patients with impeccably smooth hips and thighs after their lipoplasty, not all patients have that kind of a result. Aesthetic risk abounds with liposuction. Patients may have uneven shapes, lumps, and hyper pigmentation, skin elasticity issues and scar tissue that essentially must be corrected in a subsequent surgery. Skin tapering can also occur if there is too much scraping during the procedure.

Indentation on the skin, bulges and wrinkles may turn up after a patient’s treatment and a patient may need liposuction revision, deep tissue massage, or fat reinsertion. These unfortunate results can be attributed to lack of proficiency of a surgeon or the patient’s failure to act in accordance with post-operative directives. Nevertheless, fibrous scar tissue can develop in the treated area even when the cosmetic surgeon is the best and the patient has complied with the doctor’s instructions.

An individual may suppose that a single liposuction treatment is required, but liposuction revision may at times be considered necessary. You may have lumps, indentations, or anomalies that need corrective surgery.  The price tag of liposuction revision should be taken into account while contemplating about corrective treatment.

Patients should be reasonable and honest with their surgeons’ and themselves. Unjustifiable reasons for a liposuction revision should never be considered.  In the time period just after a liposuction treatment during recovery, the treated area of the body will not be perfect: there will be swelling, scars, and this will take time to improve.  Enhancement is what one is after in the end, but getting top-quality care and respect are the basic rights of a patient. 

Make sure that as a prospective liposuction patient you are able to protect yourself from the risk and determining an agreement on the expenditure of liposuction revision before shelling out for your initial liposuction surgery.  This will deal with all bases if it comes to requiring additional treatments.  The most important thing to remember is to get this all in the contract reviewed and signed for by all those concerned, including the cosmetic surgeon who will be performing your primary procedure.

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