Liposuction Reviews

Liposuction is a process of removing fats through suctioning. But it has never been a good alternative for weight loss; rather it is only a way of contouring the body by sucking out restored unwanted fats in various parts of the body. Here are some of the liposuction reviews which will help you decide whether to go on with this surgery or just follow a strict diet and exercise to attain your goal of a perfect body figure.

Ÿ One customer says undergoing liposuction was a nightmare, she was not satisfied with the result plus her skin was damaged. It costs her $3,000.00 she wanted to stay anonymous but she’s from Saint Louis, MO.

Ÿ On the other hand, one customer was so much satisfied with the result of the surgery. Her body was contoured and toned according to her expectations. Scars are not visible and it costs her $3,000 also.

Ÿ According to Donald M of Norristown, PA although he paid as high as $8,250 it worth the cash out since he was very satisfied with the result.

Ÿ Another liposuction review is quoted from Ruth H. of Miami saying – “I had my abdominoplasty done in 2006 it was a wonderful job and I just went back a month ago to have a lipo and fat transfer to my rear wow I love it. I choose him because he is the best.”

Above are just few of the many liposuction reviews submitted online. But to help you more on deciding here are some facts about liposuction which is the liposuction review you could ever read.  The procedure of liposuction includes incision as a tool used to suck out the fats stored in the body. The time of the procedure may depend on the amount of fats to be removed that kind of procedure that fits for you. This is mostly done with outpatients. As it is a surgery there are few side effects of the procedure namely temporary numbness, bruising, swelling, discomfort and limited mobility.  The procedure is an invasive one so we cannot avoid having risk involve in it. Asymmetry, pigmentation change, and loss of sensitivity are some of the risk involve in this procedure. The result also varies on the type of patient, if the patient tries to exert effort for strict diet and exercise the result will become permanent, but if the patient will gain weight, another procedure is advisable. Total recovery from this procedure will take from 2 to 3 months, although some can go back to work after few days. The procedure is done with the injection of anaesthesia to lessen the pain.

These liposuction reviews as stated above will hopefully help you better understand how liposuction can help or can damage you. But it is still depend on you, you can choose the best doctor in town and you can also choose the cheapest liposuction in town.

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