Liposuction Review

Since liposuction became rampant to those figure conscious, this industry had unbelievably grown up which contributed a lot to our economy. However, the effects ad results of the procedure vary from person to another that created a stir among the supposed to be customers. Liposuction review has been very helpful to pander whether to undergo or not liposuction procedure. Here are some of liposuction reviews which you may find it helpful and hopefully will enable you to decide wisely with what you must do. Below are true statements of those who undergone liposuction procedure.

Stomach, Back and Flank liposuction: the procedure itself is painful since the surgeon uses anaesthesia for the comfort of the customer. The result is satisfying but still depends on the volume of fats removed. Incisions may range from 6 to 8 and the scars never fade. It’s like permanent scars although they are small incisions it’s still so obvious. But to some scars became permanent because of the skin colour.

Arm and Back Liposuction:  one customer was not satisfied with the result and the charges. It cost her $8,500, the procedure was done in Boston. The procedure was painful and after the procedure her arms look worse.  She observed the result for 3 months yet the look still the same, it really gets worse. Her doctor agreed to refund some of the amount she paid. Her doctor also did not bother to redo the procedure. The doctor even blames her skin for the negative results. There were scars on her sides that she became ashamed of.

Power Assisted Liposuction on Back. The customer took two Lorazepam pills, as prescribed by her doctor, 15 minutes before her schedule. Before the procedure her doctor marked her back and let her lay on the table, because of the pills she took she feels drowsy by that time. During the procedure she feels no pain but only vibrations. She feels no discomfort at all. After the procedure her doctor prescribed her with pain reliever pills. She had her first shower after undergoing the procedure the following day. Her back was swollen but barely bruised.   Her stiches were taken off after a week. She was very satisfied with the result. She paid just $1,400. The procedure was done in Tyler TX.

Liposuction on Arms, Back, Upper/lower Abs, Inner/outer Thighs, Waist. The customer paid only $2,500 and the procedure was done in Tijuana, Mexico. The customer wanted just to minimize her C-section pouch but later but then later opted to have liposuction in her arms, back, upper/lower abs, inner/outer thighs, and waist since there was minimal difference in price. She also had some fat transfer to her butt to correct some dimpling. While all the procedure was currently worked on by her doctor she was asleep. She woke up when the procedure was done, she has some bruise and her back was swollen but nevertheless, she was very happy with the result.

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