Liposuction Results Pictures

Liposuction treatment results are regularly recorded and liposuction results pictures proliferate in countless numbers of web pages and web sites that actually serve as portals to surgeons and their clinics, as a showcase of their expertise in liposuction, breast augmentation and other plastic or cosmetic surgical procedures that prospective clients can avail from them.

Liposuction results pictures exhibit photos taken of patients show the after surgery results that readily present flat tummies, curvaceous hips, sexy slim legs and smooth, toned arms and symmetrical body parts. Almost all of the pictures exhibit the pre-surgical markings that the surgeon has put on the areas of the body using a surgical marker to clearly outline specific spots of the body that are to be treated.

Most of the liposuction results pictures that you can view on the Internet are photos of successful surgical procedures that also serve as a marketing strategy for a particular surgeon or clinic that performed the liposuction surgery. The results vary from not so obvious changes due the photographs being taken too early during post-operation recovery of 1 to 3 months, to beautiful and amazing images of superb looking body parts that if compared to the pre-operation pictures will be hard for anyone to surmise that the images came from one and the same person. These pictures serve as a testament to the skill and expertise of a particular surgeon and also demonstrate what can be realistically achieved through liposuction and the treatments inherent limitations.

Not all pictures or photographs of liposuction results record success, some online medical journals, blog sites and even liposuction surgeons and their clinics that specialize in revision liposuction surgery or reconstructive surgery showcase liposuction treatments gone horribly wrong. Results that have complications such as asymmetrical arms and or legs, skin depressions or skin bulges, seromas (liquid build-up under the skin) massive skin wrinkling and folds, discoloration and or hyper pigmentation, morbidity and scarring. These images depict what can go wrong with liposuction and instead of a patient getting his or her dream results, wake up into a nightmare that is all too real.

Checking out several clinics and researching on the qualifications and experience of a cosmetic surgeon is key, to having realistic but obtainable results from liposuction treatment. But these do not always guarantee a 100% successful operation. Make sure that you freely discuss with your prospective cosmetic surgeon the realistic benefits and risk that are inherent with liposuction treatment to protect yourself and your hard earned money.

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